Top 5 Mars NOW Movement Factors and Framework

I Love MarsSo how do we get to Mars??? With so many people that want to go, or just want to help ensure humanity gets there, or just are interested in the science and progress aspect of it, there seems like we should be able to make it happen.

I want to share some of my thoughts on what we can do to make sure we get to Mars. I call it the Mars NOW Movement Factors and Framework.

NOW standing for New Opportunity World (or Next Objective World depending on your view point).

In the effort and desire to get to Mars all the following forces/factors/components exist:

Mars NOW Movement Factors

1. Organizations:
Nation level entities (US, China, Russia, etc)
Non Profits NGOs (Mars Society, Mars One, Mars NOW, etc)
Commercial Entities (SpaceX, New Space Industry, Old School Space, etc)

2. Motivation Forces:
Popularity (public opinion on national and global scale)
Entertainment Value (Fun to watch, fun to be involved in)
Scientific Value (teaching students, employing engineers, etc)
Manifest Destiny Factor

3. Movement Drivers:

But they exist in disarray, wasted or duplicated efforts, or presenting ideas that never go anywhere.

What’s needed is:

A Tier 2 focusing lens that focus that brings the high level elements together.
A Tier 1 focusing lens that focuses those beams together to get us to Mars.

Mars NOW Focusing Lens Factors

4. Motivation Tools:
Books (scifi, nonfiction)

5. Force Multipliers:
Intrinsic rewards: doing it for pride, country, challenge, excitement
Extrinsic Rewards: Won the xyz prize / we were first!

6. Global Beliefs / Reasons:
Altruistic – For human progress!
Logical – It’s what we do as humans, explore, conquer, move on
Danger – “In case we wipe ourselves out!”

These focusing lens do not have to be 100% efficient, meaning there can be differing views on how things can be done, as long as they move in the same direction and are open to mutual support.

The sooner the focusing power is turned on and turned up the sooner we get to Mars. The how of how we do that is the next question. But, instead of focusing on why people aren’t doing more we can concentrate our efforts on in our given specialty, or help form the basis and direction for the focusing lens. Also sometimes lurkers are bidding their time and incubating world changing plans.

I created an infographic to demonstrate visually how this would look. Once again, no easy solutions, just one potential cooperative and collaborative path to Mars.

Mars NOW Movement Framework 24JUL2015 v2

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would you change or add anything?

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  1. Oussama says

    Hello ! Im so happy to be one of Mars member’s and i wait the day when i will be overthere , so we can say i don’t have fear to go in Mars just it’s my dream , thank’s .

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