Bill Hargenrader Interviews Ron Sparkman – Next Level Life: I Love Mars Edition – Episode 1

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Ron Sparkman is a former D.J. who was inspired to chase a dream after watching the first episode of Cosmos. After this eye opening experience, he immersed himself in the world of space. 6 months later, he was inspired to create a website called UpportunityU. The motto? “Reaching out to change the world so we can continue our journey to the stars together”. On his blog he shares everything from a “How-To” guide on understanding the universe, to international museum reviews, and information on ways to combat climate change. Like the majority of space nuts, he’s completely enthralled with commercial human space flight and our future presence on Mars. His goal is to seek a degree in astrophysics, go to space (commercial or otherwise), and be involved in anyway with a human settlement on Mars. Ron was added as a contributor for the “I Love Mars” community in June 2015 and shares his vision for our future on the Red Planet.

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