Kim Julen Interviewed by Bill Hargenrader – Next Level Life – Lifestyle Entrepreneur Edition Ep 5

Kim Julen The Next Level Life show, Lifestyle Entrepreneur edition focuses on helping people from all backgrounds design and start a fulfilling lifestyle business so they can do more of what they love and make a difference in their lives and those they care about, sooner rather than later.

Today’s interview is with Kim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, Shift Master, WWS Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, speaker, and successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

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Kim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, was nominated for Women in Networking’s 2015 Destined to WIN, Spirited Leader and Connector awards and is a dynamic thought leader, writer, speaker and shift master. She provides unique tools, guidance and courses to bring harmony to your head, heart and home. Her mission is to help you find your personal Fiji so you can live your dream life here and now.

Formerly, Kim was a stressed and overworked insurance claims adjuster, a do-it-all mom of two young boys, unhappily married and overweight. She became captivated with personal development, and by dedicating herself to it over the past 15 years, has transformed her life. She has now been self-employed for the past 10 years, has connected and peaceful relationships with her boys, travels frequently, and most of all is happy!

Kim’s clients experience significant shifts in how they feel about their space and their lives. Kim helps you with everything from clearing clutter to attracting new clients and from shifting your mindset to making smooth transitions in your life.

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