Jeff Pernell of Galactic Farms Interviewed by Bill Hargenrader – Next Level Life – I Love Mars Edition Ep. 11


Jeff Pernell Galactic FarmsToday’s Next Level Life Interview, I Love Mars Edition, is with Jeff Pernell Founder and CEO of Galactic Farms: making good food in small places.

We covered two of my favorite subjects, empowering entrepreneurs, and powering our human Mars exploration and habitation. We talked hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics, how to grow food in a tracker trailer sized shipping container, and some tips on pursuing your passions.

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Inside the Container Galactic Farms

 More about our guest:

Jeff Pernell is the founder of Galactic Farms, which makes good food in small places. In 2014, Jeff designed and built an aquaponics microgreens system for the University of Montana Dining Services (UMDS).

That year, Jeff founded Galactic Farms (GF) and his company was contracted to design, build, and implement SPACE 200, an aquaponics educational system for UMDS. That year GF also worked with the commander of Hi-SEAS, a year-long Mars simulation project funded by NASA, to create an experimental bioponics system for the crew to work with while in isolation from the surrounding environment.

At the end of 2015, Jeff built the GF Demonstration System, a vertical bioponics system that is currently providing year-round culinary herbs to the Missoula Community Food Coop and the Western Montana Growers Cooperative, with plenty of plans for growth in the future.

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