Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide

Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide

The Mars Journey series delves into the science, technology, drive, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges, explore space, and become the first people to colonize the Red Planet.

The series is both science realistic based on technology development up to now and projected 10 – 20 years into the future, and action packed (think the Martian meets James Bond).
This Concept Art and Inspiration Guide highlights the real life pioneers, the awe inspiring technology, and the imagination of the artists that inspire me to write the pages of the Mars Journey series.
The Mars Journey series is a story about the greatest adventure of our time. I hope you are inspired as much as I am by the images that follow.
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Real Life Pioneers: Inspiration, Bravery, and Courage

Book 1 starts off with American Astronauts Brent Carlson and Calvin Williams engaged in a daring rescue mission to save the lives of the Pisces commercial space station crew. The real life inspiration for these two astronauts comes from the pioneering spirits that braved the unknown and pushed human progress forward. Here are just a few of the images that get me in the right frame of mind to write the Mars Journey Story.

Edward White Gemini spacewalk – Photo: NASA

Edward White Gemini spacewalk


Spacewalk for the crew of the Apollo 9. Photo: NASA

Apollo 9 Crew Spacewalk


Buzz Aldrin exiting the Apollo Lunar Module. Photo: NASA

Buzz Aldrin Moon landing



Mars Journey Cover

The final Mars Journey cover design was determined by a contest where members of the I Love Mars community on Facebook voted on their favorite option. The dies shows Earth presented prominently in the foreground to remind us that the Mars Journey starts off here on our home planet. Since we begin the story seven years from the projected launch date, much of the action takes place on Earth and in Earth orbit. We have Mars front and center because that’s our objective and our target.

Our journey will take us to Mars one way or another. I can’t make any promises on who the crew will be, though I can say that it will be six astronauts and six Mars Now contestants.

As the book series takes us closer and closer to Mars, look for the cover art changes to illustrate the difference in perspective shifts.

Mars Journey Call to Action cover



The Wyvern Advanced Spacecraft

3.5Gs of crushing pressure exerted itself on the bodies and organs of the two astronauts geared up in their orange flight suits locked into takeoff position inside the compact Wyvern spacecraft atop the rapidly ascending Super-Colossus rocket. These two veterans of space-flight were used to these conditions. What they were not used to was the dangerous rescue mission they were embarking on—one that had never been attempted before…

In the series, the Wyvern is the pinnacle of design evolution from the NewSpace Enterprises lead by billionaire serial entrepreneur Ken Solum.

In real life, these spacecraft, capsules, and vehicles serve as an inspiration for the series.

Artists concept of the Red Dragon by SpaceX

SpaceX Red Dragon


Interior of the Crew Dragon with Elon Musk. Photo by SpaceX

Elon Musk inside the crew dragon by spacex


Space Shuttle Discovery. Photo by NASA

Space Shuttle Discovery


The Journey Spacecraft

  “At that, the elevator bay doors opened with an accompanying pneumatic whir, revealing the cavernous space of the underground Hangar Bay 99. The room was so massive that it took Brent a moment to realize his eyes weren’t being tricked by an optical illusion.  Hundreds of workers moved to and fro, some in orange body suits and others in biohazard suits. Like bees in a hive, they buzzed back and forth, but all centered around the queen of the nest, the centerpiece of the room, the nearly completed body of the Journey I spacecraft.”

 The Journey is more than just a title for the book, it’s also the name of the massive spacecraft that will take our crew to Mars. At over 100 meters long from bow to stern and weighing over 500 tons, the Journey is a most impressive sight. Artist Douglas Shrock’s rendering serves as an inspiration for the final design.  Douglas Shrock –

Journey Spacecraft by Shrox

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Answer this question in the comments below: What Mars based books, movies, artists, and/or real life pioneers inspire you?

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