Our Lives Are Our Stories: Love, Forgive, Never Give Up

love-forgive-and-never-give-up-logo-facebook-11nov2016-v2Stories are a metaphor for life.

When crafting the hero’s journey into our stories, inevitably our protagonist runs into conflict. If there were no conflict, there would be no real story. But what makes the story great isn’t the presence of conflict, it’s the way in which our hero handles it.

Our hero make decisions internally and takes actions externally. They dig deep and take steps forward, but inevitably run into even greater challenges. Still they dig deeper, turn on the will, and fight forward.

They face even greater challenges, challenges that scale up to the very world around them, but what makes us root for our heroes is that they never give up, and they eventually change themselves forever.

They are stronger, and better for the experience, and those around them are better as well.

Our lives are our stories.

We don’t always get what we want. But when we don’t, and when it matters, we fight forward.

We never ever give up, and some day we get to say we changed ourselves and together we changed the world.

We accept conflict because through conflict we become stronger, better versions of ourselves. Unless you turn away, hide and cower. Then you’re the fodder for the villain in the story to walk over and triumph.

We are not victims.

We are the heroes of our stories, because there are others out there who are not as strong, or not as gifted, or not as well off who need us to be.

Along the way as we walk the hero’s journey as individuals, families, and communities, let us always remember to love strongly, be forgiving, and never ever give up.

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