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The online Space Science and SciFi Summit is now Live!!!

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Some of our speakers include:

Andy Weir, #1 NY Times Best-selling author of the Martian

Leroy Chiao, Former astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station

Anthony Lemke, AKA 3, AKA Marcus Boone: Actor on Dark Matter, White House Down, and RoboCop:PD

Ann Merchant, from the National Academy of Sciences, and The Science & Entertainment Exchange

Marc Zicree, AKA Mr. Scifi, screenwriter for Star Trek: TNG, Babylon 5, and creator of Space Command

And citizen scientists, bloggers, community managers, indie authors, and MANY MORE…

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Sharing Some Good Mars News

marsBy now you probably heard about the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket anomaly/explosion/fast fire before it could put the Amos 6 into orbit… Wishing the team at SpaceX well in finding out the issues, correcting them and getting back to their mission.

Getting to Mars is hard. Space is hard. Rocket science is hard. This is a setback for sure, but it’s also a time for us to step up and continue with our efforts to continue with the most epic journey of our time.

That’s why I want to share some good news with you:

I’m excited to announce that two members of the I Love Mars Leadership Team, both Ron Sparkman and me, will be participating in a couple of Mars Events this September.

First up on September 22nd we are headed to Washington DC for the 19th annual Mars Society convention. We will be presenting a break out session titled: The Hybrid Approach Mars Mission (HAMM). We will explore combining various Mars mission types (Mars to stay, Mars to Orbit, Mars Semi-direct, etc) into 1 program to spread cost across multiple parties, and enhance chance for mission success. Let me know if you want to hear more about.

Second up on September 28th we will be headed to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to take part in the finals for the Mars City Design Contest. Our team, Mars NOW: Galactic Farms placed 1st in the agriculture category, and 3rd  overall in the first round of the competition out of over 50 teams that participated in the international contest.

We teamed up with Jeff and Melissa Pernell of Galactic Farms, along with my wife, nutritionist and cyborg, Daniele Hargenrader, to put forth an innovative design for growing green food on the red planet.

I’ll be sending you more updates on the events and outcomes. Leave your questions or comments below. Until then… Ad Mars et Ultra (To Mars and Beyond) Bill H


Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide

Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide

The Mars Journey series delves into the science, technology, drive, and determination of the human spirit to come together to overcome our greatest challenges, explore space, and become the first people to colonize the Red Planet.

The series is both science realistic based on technology development up to now and projected 10 – 20 years into the future, and action packed (think the Martian meets James Bond).
This Concept Art and Inspiration Guide highlights the real life pioneers, the awe inspiring technology, and the imagination of the artists that inspire me to write the pages of the Mars Journey series.
The Mars Journey series is a story about the greatest adventure of our time. I hope you are inspired as much as I am by the images that follow.
Get your free copy of Mars Journey: Call to Action Book 1 here:
Download a pdf version of the Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide HERE
Real Life Pioneers: Inspiration, Bravery, and Courage

Book 1 starts off with American Astronauts Brent Carlson and Calvin Williams engaged in a daring rescue mission to save the lives of the Pisces commercial space station crew. The real life inspiration for these two astronauts comes from the pioneering spirits that braved the unknown and pushed human progress forward. Here are just a few of the images that get me in the right frame of mind to write the Mars Journey Story.

Edward White Gemini spacewalk – Photo: NASA

Edward White Gemini spacewalk


Spacewalk for the crew of the Apollo 9. Photo: NASA

Apollo 9 Crew Spacewalk


Buzz Aldrin exiting the Apollo Lunar Module. Photo: NASA

Buzz Aldrin Moon landing



Mars Journey Cover

The final Mars Journey cover design was determined by a contest where members of the I Love Mars community on Facebook voted on their favorite option. The dies shows Earth presented prominently in the foreground to remind us that the Mars Journey starts off here on our home planet. Since we begin the story seven years from the projected launch date, much of the action takes place on Earth and in Earth orbit. We have Mars front and center because that’s our objective and our target.

Our journey will take us to Mars one way or another. I can’t make any promises on who the crew will be, though I can say that it will be six astronauts and six Mars Now contestants.

As the book series takes us closer and closer to Mars, look for the cover art changes to illustrate the difference in perspective shifts.

Mars Journey Call to Action cover



The Wyvern Advanced Spacecraft

3.5Gs of crushing pressure exerted itself on the bodies and organs of the two astronauts geared up in their orange flight suits locked into takeoff position inside the compact Wyvern spacecraft atop the rapidly ascending Super-Colossus rocket. These two veterans of space-flight were used to these conditions. What they were not used to was the dangerous rescue mission they were embarking on—one that had never been attempted before…

In the series, the Wyvern is the pinnacle of design evolution from the NewSpace Enterprises lead by billionaire serial entrepreneur Ken Solum.

In real life, these spacecraft, capsules, and vehicles serve as an inspiration for the series.

Artists concept of the Red Dragon by SpaceX

SpaceX Red Dragon


Interior of the Crew Dragon with Elon Musk. Photo by SpaceX

Elon Musk inside the crew dragon by spacex


Space Shuttle Discovery. Photo by NASA

Space Shuttle Discovery


The Journey Spacecraft

  “At that, the elevator bay doors opened with an accompanying pneumatic whir, revealing the cavernous space of the underground Hangar Bay 99. The room was so massive that it took Brent a moment to realize his eyes weren’t being tricked by an optical illusion.  Hundreds of workers moved to and fro, some in orange body suits and others in biohazard suits. Like bees in a hive, they buzzed back and forth, but all centered around the queen of the nest, the centerpiece of the room, the nearly completed body of the Journey I spacecraft.”

 The Journey is more than just a title for the book, it’s also the name of the massive spacecraft that will take our crew to Mars. At over 100 meters long from bow to stern and weighing over 500 tons, the Journey is a most impressive sight. Artist Douglas Shrock’s rendering serves as an inspiration for the final design.  Douglas Shrock –

Journey Spacecraft by Shrox

Want to see the rest of the guide? Download it here: Mars Journey Concept Art and Inspiration Guide.

Get your free copy of Mars Journey: Call to Action Book 1 here:

Answer this question in the comments below: What Mars based books, movies, artists, and/or real life pioneers inspire you?

 Bill Hargenrader Thank YouBill Hargenrader is the bestselling author of the near future science fiction thriller series: Mars Journey Call to Action.

Jeff Pernell of Galactic Farms Interviewed by Bill Hargenrader – Next Level Life – I Love Mars Edition Ep. 11


Jeff Pernell Galactic FarmsToday’s Next Level Life Interview, I Love Mars Edition, is with Jeff Pernell Founder and CEO of Galactic Farms: making good food in small places.

We covered two of my favorite subjects, empowering entrepreneurs, and powering our human Mars exploration and habitation. We talked hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics, how to grow food in a tracker trailer sized shipping container, and some tips on pursuing your passions.

Check out more on Galactic Farms here: @galacticfarms

Inside the Container Galactic Farms

 More about our guest:

Jeff Pernell is the founder of Galactic Farms, which makes good food in small places. In 2014, Jeff designed and built an aquaponics microgreens system for the University of Montana Dining Services (UMDS).

That year, Jeff founded Galactic Farms (GF) and his company was contracted to design, build, and implement SPACE 200, an aquaponics educational system for UMDS. That year GF also worked with the commander of Hi-SEAS, a year-long Mars simulation project funded by NASA, to create an experimental bioponics system for the crew to work with while in isolation from the surrounding environment.

At the end of 2015, Jeff built the GF Demonstration System, a vertical bioponics system that is currently providing year-round culinary herbs to the Missoula Community Food Coop and the Western Montana Growers Cooperative, with plenty of plans for growth in the future.

Here are some of the books by authors and individuals that tie in to today’s show:

Packing for Mars:

Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense

ClickFunnels Fan and Affiliate: Tools for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers. Build out your sales and marketing funnels with ClickFunnels: Get your free 14 Day trial:

What are some things that you learned from the interview that you can implement in the next 7 days (or sooner)? Let us know in the comments below!

Ad Mars Et Ultra (To Mars And Beyond)

Bill Hargenrader

Vera Mulyani of Mars City Design Interviewed by Bill Hargenrader – Next Level Life – Lifestyle Entrepreneur Edition Ep. 10

Today’s Next Level Life Interview, I Love Mars Edition, is with Vera Mulyani Founder of CEO of Mars City Design.

“CREATORS OF A FUTURE HISTORY, from around the world, are uniting today with MARS CITY DESIGN, creating the blueprints of a sustainable city, its possible lives, art, architecture, science and technology for Mars.”

We talked Mars research, art, multidisciplinary collaboration, influences, putting the fun in Mars exploration, growing a business, and more.

Check out more on Mars City Design here:

More about our guest:

Ms. Mulyani’s multidisciplinary background in master planning in various fields of art; architecture, urban design, filmmaking and storytelling, has made her specialized in conceptual strategy in technology, innovation and business development. Ms. Mulyani contributes her expertise in applying combining these fields, creating a collaborative competition platform for designing cities for Mars, our next step to settle the Red Planet. Ms. Mulyani is the Master Architect and planner of Mars City Design.

Mars City Design’s mission is to design the blueprint for sustainable cities on Mars

Mars City Design is a human movement, comprised of not only scientists and engineers, but also, experts from the vast landscape of artistic vocations.

Here are some of the books by authors and individuals that tie in to today’s show:

Packing for Mars:

Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense

ClickFunnels Fan and Affiliate: Tools for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers. Build out your sales and marketing funnels with ClickFunnels: Get your free 14 Day trial:

What are some things that you learned from the interview that you can implement in the next 7 days (or sooner)? Let us know in the comments below:

Mars Book – Reading from Mars Journey: The Calling – Opening Scene

mars book - mars nowBelow is an opening scene from the first chapter of my upcoming Mars book,  Mars Journey: The Calling. This is the first book of many in the Mars Journey series.

Synopsis aka back of the book: A brilliant but disgraced astronaut is called upon to help lead a seemingly impossible international mission from Earth to Mars. Now with the clock ticking down, they’ve entered into a dangerous race against time, and a fight with humanity’s darker side, just to survive long enough to board the launch vehicle that will take them to the Journey spacecraft and Mars beyond.

Enjoy the book reading video and the write up, and please post any questions or thoughts in the comments below.

Opening Scene from Mars Journey: The Calling

Author Bill Hargenrader

T Minus 5 years

The floor of the UN building in NYC was a tumultuous scene. A raucous congregation raised their voices as they were beginning to process what the professor of Foreign Relations from Stanford had just told them. Shayla Carlson, stood in the center of the floor, 200 of the dignitaries from foreign nations looking down at her with skepticism and in disgust. Well that didn’t go over to well her look said, as she looked back to Brent.

At the u shaped table some ways in front of her podium, the jowls of Ambassador Smith of the United States shook as he reached forward to adjust his microphone downward. “Dr. Carlson, what you are saying is that we pool our resources, and dissolve all barriers to technology sharing across all nations, in order to to… take a trip to mars? Why now, what has changed, and why would we trust our secrets with” looking around at Ambassador Dim from China, “with nations who have not proven trust worthy?”

At that, a whole new chorus of consternation arose, and several of the members at the table stood up in protest, turning and shouting.
“A nation such as yours has to no grounds to stand on and preach of trustworthiness!” Leveled Dim.

More had now risen, and the scene threatened to turn into complete discord when Brent Carlson took the mic.

“Hem. Hem hem. Sorry to interrupt this… discourse. But I couldn’t help but say something.”

“You do not have the right to take the floor, security.” Smith began.

“Let her husband speak” shouted someone from the surrounding stands. Followed by calls of “Remove him from the floor’ and quickly all manner of opinions that rose throughout the chambers.

“Seems your occupation as an astronaut has garnered you some bit of celebrity in these halls.” Said Smith contemplating the political fallout from denying the right to speak. The guard who had begun advancing towards Brent stopped and looked to Smith. Smith shook his head at that guard. “You have two minutes Mr. Carlson.”

“Ahh, well. Hmmm.” Said Carlson, beginning to notice the hundreds of eyes upon him, and realizing he didn’t know what he was going to say.

Shayla, cocked her head, and leaned in to whisper, “my husband can fly at the tip of a 20 story rocket, but can’t talk to these old fat blowhards.”

At this he gave a chuckle, she always could make him laugh. A slight grin formed, the one she knew well. The one that said he was about to get into some mischief or trouble (or both). He began.

“Thank you. Now while my wife is the smart one, I am just the worker bee Astronaut that spent over a year in space. Just to let you know how smart I am not, did you know that it takes 50 people to plan out my day when I am aboard the ISS? 50 people! That means I am like 1/50th as smart as a regular person.” To this he raised some laughs in the audience.

“I’m wearing a suit today. It took me about 30 minutes to put on, but when I’m flying around the planet a 17,000 mph, or outside one of our launch vehicles, it takes me 4 hours to get my suit on, and that’s with someone else help! Clearly, I’m lacking in intelligence somewhere.” The timing was just right and now more laughter.

Ambassador Dim, sat back and gave a quizzical but interested sidelong glance. Ambassador Smith just scowled and tapped his watched theatrically.

“Right then. So, I didn’t come here to regale you with tales of my stupidity. As a matter of fact, I just came to support my wife, who has spent the last 7 years building a plan that could send us to the furthest reaches of human space we have been before. This is her show, and the only reason I am took the mic is because I couldn’t bear to see the laughs, the jeers, the insults at such a masterfully crafted and thoroughly vetted plan.”

“Mr. Carlson,” Smith interrupted, “this plan has already been disproven. Time and time again history has shown us that whenever we want to get something done, whether its travel to a new continent, or map out new territory, it’s been for financial gain. And when we went to the moon it was because of competition. Your plan has neither of that.”

“Right, well that’s where you’re wrong. What’s not written in those papers, what’s not written down is the human spirit. And not just the human spirit, but our evolving humanity. I’ve been dreaming of going to mars ever since I was a kid, and even as an astronaut with a country that has a plan to go, my heart breaks every time a program gets put back. Every time a time line is extended by 5 years. There’s an old saying that goes something like this, everyone should have a goal of being a millionaire not for the money you will make, but for the person you will have to become in order to make it. That’s what traveling to mars is about, it’s a challenge on a global scale, and it’s a goal of humanity to become and interplanetary species, not just to say we did it, not just to begin building secondary home to ensure species survival in the cast of a cataclysmic asteroid strike. No, it is a goal for humanity for who we will have to become as a people to pull this off!”

Some cheers now rose from the crowd. Ambassador Smith eyed the room, visibly uncomfortable with how the tide was changing.

Brent continued, “They say we can’t do it alone. I’m looking around at nation’s right in front of me that have the technology, the will, the funding, and they are just looking for someone to pull them together. They say we can’t go to Mars unless there is a space race. A competition to pit ourselves against one another. I say there is a competition. And that competition is against those who say we can’t do it and it’s against our past selves. Our past selves who committed genocide, and purported slave trading. We are better than those people, just like we are better than the people that need a space race to make this work. There is no place for that in our future. The challenge to you, and you, and you and everyone out there isn’t how do we create a space race, it’s how do we get the human race to space, to mars, and beyond. Will we be better than our past selves? Will we repeat the mistakes? Or will we seize the moment to unite for this our greatest cause? Well, that moment is now. And it’s up to you to make the decision. Thank you.”

The chambers erupted in cheers, and ambassador smith smacked his gavel down hard, again, and again. Ambassador Dim leaned forward and slowly nodded as a smile spread across his face.

Shayla turned to Brent, and said, Holy crap, where did that come from?”

“I don’t know!” Shaking his head incredulously. She pulled him down to her face and kissed him hard.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next excerpt!

Post your comments below -Bill H


Top 5 Mars NOW Movement Factors and Framework

I Love MarsSo how do we get to Mars??? With so many people that want to go, or just want to help ensure humanity gets there, or just are interested in the science and progress aspect of it, there seems like we should be able to make it happen.

I want to share some of my thoughts on what we can do to make sure we get to Mars. I call it the Mars NOW Movement Factors and Framework.

NOW standing for New Opportunity World (or Next Objective World depending on your view point).

In the effort and desire to get to Mars all the following forces/factors/components exist:

Mars NOW Movement Factors

1. Organizations:
Nation level entities (US, China, Russia, etc)
Non Profits NGOs (Mars Society, Mars One, Mars NOW, etc)
Commercial Entities (SpaceX, New Space Industry, Old School Space, etc)

2. Motivation Forces:
Popularity (public opinion on national and global scale)
Entertainment Value (Fun to watch, fun to be involved in)
Scientific Value (teaching students, employing engineers, etc)
Manifest Destiny Factor

3. Movement Drivers:

But they exist in disarray, wasted or duplicated efforts, or presenting ideas that never go anywhere.

What’s needed is:

A Tier 2 focusing lens that focus that brings the high level elements together.
A Tier 1 focusing lens that focuses those beams together to get us to Mars.

Mars NOW Focusing Lens Factors

4. Motivation Tools:
Books (scifi, nonfiction)

5. Force Multipliers:
Intrinsic rewards: doing it for pride, country, challenge, excitement
Extrinsic Rewards: Won the xyz prize / we were first!

6. Global Beliefs / Reasons:
Altruistic – For human progress!
Logical – It’s what we do as humans, explore, conquer, move on
Danger – “In case we wipe ourselves out!”

These focusing lens do not have to be 100% efficient, meaning there can be differing views on how things can be done, as long as they move in the same direction and are open to mutual support.

The sooner the focusing power is turned on and turned up the sooner we get to Mars. The how of how we do that is the next question. But, instead of focusing on why people aren’t doing more we can concentrate our efforts on in our given specialty, or help form the basis and direction for the focusing lens. Also sometimes lurkers are bidding their time and incubating world changing plans.

I created an infographic to demonstrate visually how this would look. Once again, no easy solutions, just one potential cooperative and collaborative path to Mars.

Mars NOW Movement Framework 24JUL2015 v2

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would you change or add anything?

And of course, make sure to join us on our I Love Mars Facebook Page HERE.