Mars Journey Book Preview Chapter 3

mars journey call to action cover for wpEnjoy your sneak peak from Mars Journey: Call to Action: Book 1


Chapter 3

Minutes later, after what seemed like an eternity, Brent had shut down the thrusters at a safe distance from the wreckage of the Pisces in order to conserve the rest of their fuel for landing. He reengaged the Wyvern’s automated controls and was running a diagnostic on the hull. Heat shields were good for heat; not debris from exploding spaces stations.

Brent unbuckled his harness and floated over to the porthole view to try and see the Pisces—what was left of her. She was a smoking hulk in the distance, only visible as the smaller debris around it began to heat up and disintegrate upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Andrea joined Brent at the porthole view, watching the space station go down.

“All my life’s work,” she said. “My partner…”

Brent looked at her, knowing nothing he could say would help. She was lucky to be alive. He was lucky to be alive. They all were. But sometimes be lucky wasn’t enough to take away your pain over losing someone close to you.

Brent looked back as Williams began to stir in his seat. Brent’s eyes drifted to the empty seat where Jean Louis should have been.

This is going to change things, thought Brent. And not for the better.

T-Minus 6 Years

Chapter 4 – Location: New York City, United States

The floor of the United Nations building was a wild, tumultuous scene. A raucous, unruly congregation raised their voices loudly as they began to process the announcement made by the Professor of Foreign Relations from Stanford University. Shayla Carlson stood in the center of the floor with over 200 dignitaries from foreign nations looking down at her with skepticism, and in many cases, disgust.

Well, that didn’t go over too well, her expression said as she looked back to her husband Brent.

At the U-shaped table, some distance in front of Shayla’s podium, the jowls of U.S. Ambassador Smith shook as he reached forward to adjust his microphone downward.

“Mrs. Carlson,” he began. “My apologies. I meant Dr. Carlson. What you are saying is that we pool our resources, and simply dissolve all barriers to technology sharing across all nations, in order to—to… take a trip to Mars? Why in the world now especially considering the fallout from the Pisces disaster? What has changed? And why would we ever trust our secrets with…” He shot a look at Ambassador Jiang from China. “With nations who have proven untrustworthy?”

At that, a new chorus of consternation arose, and several of the members at the table swiftly stood in immediate protest, turning and shouting.

“A nation such as yours has utterly no grounds to preach to others of trustworthiness!” leveled Jiang.

Many more had now risen, and the scene threatened to turn into complete discord when Brent Carlson took the mic.

Brent cleared his throat. “Hem, hem… Sorry to interrupt this… discourse. But I couldn’t help but say something.”

“You do not have the right to take the floor,” said Smith. “Security!”

Brent looked around nervously and spotted a guard advancing on his position.

“Let her husband speak,” shouted someone from the surrounding stands, followed by more calls of the same. Quickly the chorus rose throughout the chambers.

“Seems your occupation as an astronaut has garnered you a bit of celebrity in these halls,” said Smith, contemplating the political fallout from denying Brent the right to speak. The guard looked to Smith, who shook his head. “Okay, you have two minutes, Mr. Carlson, but get to the point.”

“Ah, well, hmm,” said Brent, noticing the hundreds of eyes fixed upon him, and realizing that he really didn’t know exactly what he was going to say.

Shayla cocked her head and leaned in. “My husband can fly at the tip of a twenty-story rocket but can’t talk to these old, fat blowhards?” she whispered.

Brent gave a light chuckle. She always could make him laugh. A half grin formed at the edge of his mouth, the one she knew well—the one that said he was about to get into some mischief or trouble. Or both. Brent began…

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