The Space Science and SciFi Summit is Live!

After months of preparation…

The online Space Science and SciFi Summit is now Live!!!

The S3 Summit is a FREE, 5 day, ONLINE event featuring 30+ science communicators, bestselling science fiction authors, former international space station commanders, Hollywood SciFi screenwriters and more…

Plus get 13 Free SciFi eBooks just for signing up!

Get your free ticket by clicking the link below.

This summit is 100% online!

You can watch it from the comfort and convenience of your home… Or from your phone wherever you are!

Some of our speakers include:

Andy Weir, #1 NY Times Best-selling author of the Martian

Leroy Chiao, Former astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station

Anthony Lemke, AKA 3, AKA Marcus Boone: Actor on Dark Matter, White House Down, and RoboCop:PD

Ann Merchant, from the National Academy of Sciences, and The Science & Entertainment Exchange

Marc Zicree, AKA Mr. Scifi, screenwriter for Star Trek: TNG, Babylon 5, and creator of Space Command

And citizen scientists, bloggers, community managers, indie authors, and MANY MORE…

Sign up HERE, Enjoy your 13 free eBooks, and I look forward to seeing you on the summit!!

Moderating a Panel on Media, SciFi, and Mars Exploration at the Humans to Mars Summit

You know it’s a great science and SciFi discussion when Buzz Aldrin pitches you his TV series idea during Q&A!

Here’s the link to a replay of our Medi, SciFi, and Space Exploration panel at Explore Mars’ Humans to Mars Summit in Washington DC last week:


Thanks to our awesome panelists:

Jim Wilson: NASA Mars Exploration Communications Team, #JourneyToMars

-Keri Kukral: Raw Science, CEO and Co-Founder

-Ron Sparkman: Creator of UpportunityU; Docent for the Space Foundation and Certified Space Partner, & Aspiring Martian Explorer; & Administrator for the Nerd News Network

-Marc Zicree: AKA Mr. SciFi, Author of The Twilight Zone Companion, Creator of Space Command

Sending a special thanks to Chris Carberry and the Explore Mars team for hosting the H2M summit.

And of course, thanks to everyone who attended, watched and supported the event.

It was my pleasure to moderate this panel and do my part to continue to raise public awareness and move the conversation forward when it comes to sending humans to Mars. –Bill H

Bill Hargenrader is a Humans to Mars Expert and Advocate, a United States Army Veteran, a Fortune 500 Project Management Professional focusing on cybersecurity and innovation, and a keynote speaker that gives talks on motivation, innovation, and leadership. Find more information at











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